1 08 2012

Over the last 11 days i have listened and read many sources on the July 20th shooting at the Batman midnight release in Aurora, Colorado.  There have been many disturbing questions raised and issues, such as gun control, have leaped to the for-front inthe political world.  However, there are some questions that I feel have not been addressed and for the life of me i don’t know why.  First, the issue of gun control is completely wrong.  Gun control is only effective at the people who legally own guns.  Increasing the laws on gun-owners will not solve anything because  the people who really want guns to cause damage to America will find ways to get them, it’s just a disturbing truth. I myself do not want answers from the government about gun control.  I am most curious as to where a man can acquire all of the bullet proof armor he was wearing.  His assault rifle was manufactured by Smith and Wesson so that answered my question of where he acquired that, but I stil am curious as to where a normal citizen can go and buy bullet proof armor.  The second question I have involves the children injured in the attack.  The youngest was a 4 month year old baby and there was also a six-year old injured in the attack. Yes, both children recovered fine, but why were they there in the first place?  A 4-month year old baby should not be any where near the Dark Knight Rises or any other PG-13 movie, whose rating is for young kids who are within a couple years of being 13.  The PG-13 parental exception shouldn’t be used for babies and young children who are nowhere near the age cut off.  If we recall The Dark Knight, one of the most popular movies of the 2000s, the PG-13rating on that movie was generous.  From a man being stabbed by a pencil, to the grenade in a  man’s mouth, to the burning of a man on a stack of money, to the crudely stitched bomb in a man’s stomach, and finally children being held at gun point, the movie was filled with scenes that were clearly not appropriate for a 6year old, let alone a baby.  We had no reason to assume the Dark Knight Rises wouldn’t push the limit between PG-13 and R as its predecessor did in 2009 so why were the kids of extremely young ages there in the first place?