Merciful End

31 07 2012

The NBA finals is mercifully over and with it ends a season we all hope can be forgotten quickly.   The NBA playoffs were a joke; an absolute disgrace.  From the second round on, in the Eastern Conference specifically, the refs undermined the players and coaches by taking the game into their own hands and directly influencing the outcome of the 2012 playoffs.  Any non-biased basketball fan could see it.The Miami Heat even being in the finals was a joke.  Dwayne Wade should have been suspended for his take down of Darren Collison back in Round 2.  Commissioner Stern’s track record with Wade’s low-class antics and hits has been consistent; never punish Dwayne Wade even if he hits someone from behind when they do not have the basketball.  It’s disgusting to watch.  Stern gets what he wants and this year he wanted LeBron and friends to get a ring for the ratings.   No san person will believe that LeBron would guard Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant the greatest pure scorer on the planet, and only foul him 1 time in 43 minutes?  While Durant fouls LeBron 5 times?  You have got to be kidding me.  No defender is THAT good.  To   every night and only get 1-2 fouls guarding him for 43 minutes when you’re as big as LeBron?  Please, we all know that isn’t true.  I’m not going to recount every call.  You watched it.  Unless your one of the three legitimate Heat fans and their bandwagoneers, then you know that the reffing has been disgraceful, embarrassing, and very suspect in its integrity.  Hopefully, other fans are as outraged as I am and will stop watching the games until the NBA fixes their officials and gets a game that has fair competition.  If any of you watched the NHL finals, you didn’t see the refs taking over the game for every hit, or every extracurricular punch, or every slash and trip because it is the finals and you don’t want a tickey tack call to sway the outcome of the game in someone’s favor.  Yet in the NBA finals we see the refs influencing the game, putting stars like Durant on the bench to give Lebron free rein.  We see them blowing calls such as a goaltend on a double blocked shot that never came close to the backboard.  They even have instant replay and continue to get calls wrong. As a fan it is infuriating and I expect a better product from a  professional organization. So with it being over, and I did not watch a game after game 2 due to officials, I encourage everyone to get ready for real sports, like football and look forward to hockey, and forget about the joke of a league and organization that is the NBA.